Welcome to Desert Garden

Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!  I am excited to be Desert Garden’s new principal.  This school is a very special place to learn! We are working very hard to ensure that your child will enjoy a successful, exciting experience at our school.  Our goal is to create a positive school climate that maximizes instructional time for student learning, while developing self-discipline and leadership skills in our students.  It is our expectation that students become responsible citizens in their home, school, community, and country!  Yet, we are very well aware that this cannot be possible without your support.  Therefore, we highly encourage you to partner with us in your child’s education. We truly value, appreciate, and seek out your involvement and collaboration for the success of your child.  

Let’s begin our journey to success!


Cecilia Heraz

Welcome to Desert Garden, Mrs. Heraz!